Our stage 1 intercooler package for the Kia Stinger is a must for those pushing their Stinger past the limits of the factory cooler. The OEM cooler is a very efficient unit however falls short with a very small stacked height, meaning air flow through the cooler is quite fast. This means increased intake temps as the charge air does not have enough time to cool down. Our upgrade addresses this issue with a much larger flow area meaning the ability to safely handle a much larger flow for increased power while maintaining excellent charge air temps. The cooler is the latest generation in light weight laser welded tube and fin technology from Europe. The core size is a massive 660mm x 300mm x 76 with a total thickness of 90mm.

During development we found several areas we felt required significant improvement. The first restriction is the factory merge pipe from the twin turbos. This is very restrictive and the charge air almost hits a brick wall before being joined into a single pipe to the cooler. We have engineered a significant flow advantage over the OEM merge with flow area almost being doubled. You can see quite clearly in the picture the difference here. The cold side pipe has also been upgraded to 3" mandrel bent pipework. The kit includes all necessary silicone, clamps, pipework and brackets to convert your Stingers inter-cooling system into a much more efficient unit capable of handling the power we can see developed by its 3.3 TT V6.

As re-flash technology is almost here this cooler is a must for those wishing to push the limits of their Stinger.

Kia Stinger 3.3L TT 1000hp Intercooler Kit

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