The Holden RG Colorado is an awesome vehicle with its 2.8l Duramax engine. We have designed, built and tested an outstanding intercooler upgrade for this vehicle with power levels up to 160rwkw with a re-flash and cooler upgrade. The OEM cooler as fitted to the Colorado is an excellent lightweight unit, however begins to show its limits with its small sizing. Our new cooler kit uses our proven lightweight Euro core technology with a 606mmx300x76mm core coupled with our lightweight 3mm sheet end tanks. The design of our tanks promotes even unrestricted flow to the whole area of the core for superior thermal transfer rates.

We have also designed new 2.5" coldside piping to the throttle body to further increase flow rates for the little Duramax. If your driving your Coli hard or using it for towing then this upgrade is a must. We have seen below ambient temps through this cooler system it works that efficiently.

Holden RG Colorado Intercooler Upgrade

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